Glambooks are no ordinary albums.  It has no slip-ons, no tapes, and no sticky pages.  The Glambook presents photos as laid out in spreads creatively designed by our professional graphic artists, printed on premium quality photographic paper and hard-bound for protection.  Brag about an entire photo session or combine several pictures from earlier pictorials and let the Glambook retell your story and relive your glamorous experience at Great Image.

Allow at least 2 weeks for production.


6×6 Glambook 

  • Price starts at P1500 (basic 10 pages)

8×8 Glambook 

  • Price starts at P2500 (basic 10 pages

10×10 Glambook 

  • Price starts at P5400 (basic 10 pages)

12×12 Glambook 

  • Price starts at P7500 (basic 10 pages)