The Great Image Glamblocks is a series of smaller print blocks constructed together to create a chic, one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.  They are manufactured to look like each individual block is floating over a larger customized background.  They are made of professional prints laminated over a light but solid wood constructed box that is easy to maintain and easy to hang.

There are 5 special Glamblocks templates to choose from, each designed to perfectly suit your design requirement and taste.

Please check availability of Glamblocks at the Great Image studio near you.


The Center of Attraction

  •  Price starts at P2980

The Triple Treat 

  • Price starts at P5490

Triple Treat Focus

  • Price starts at P5980

The Triple Treat Mini

  • Price starts at P3480

The Trio

  • Price starts at P7480

The Show-Off

  •  Price starts at P8980